Tri Kappa Nuts

The Nut Sale is Now Over…for Now

Every fall, the women of the Delta Phi chapter of Tri Kappa go a little nuts! Each and every fall, we sell our (almost nearly) world famous Tri Kappa nuts. These nuts are fresh crop, which means they’re extra tasty and delicious. They’re great for snacking, cooking or baking. The nuts (as well as other tasty treats like dried apricots, granola and chocolate covered cranberries!) are delivered before Thanksgiving, so they’ll always be at your door for holiday baking and entertaining. The nuts we sell also freeze extremely well in the packages they’re delivered in. So don’t be shy when you place your order! You can crack open some fresh nuts when you need them throughout the year when you buy extra packages. All orders come in one-pound bags, unless otherwise noted.

Most importantly, purchasing Tri Kappa nuts helps us fund the grants and scholarships that many in our community rely on.


Easy Online Ordering

The best way to order your tasty treats is to contact a member of Tri Kappa. To see if you know a current member of Tri Kappa, check out the list we’ve got online. If you don’t know anyone in Tri Kappa, please complete the contact form below, and someone will be in touch to take your order. Your email will only be used to contact you regarding your nut order. (We don’t even have a mailing list we could spam you with!)